TV Tokyo Launching Event

TV Tokyo wants to launch its official YouTube channel in Indonesia. To understand local customers and execute its marketing strategy, TV Tokyo decided to work with Demand Gen Lab. TV Tokyo managed to reach its marketing goals while spending less budget.

Key Details

Total 100k views in 2 weeks of marketing campaign

Subscribers growth: 20x

Project Details

Demand Gen Lab fractional marketers start the project by doing customer research to understand local customers’ preferences. From that research, we received many interesting insights, which we used to create content marketing campaigns for TV Tokyo. Demand Gen Lab works with Punipun to create scripts that use all insights received from the research.

We are successfully raising awareness about the TV Tokyo YouTube Channel’s launch, receiving 100k video views and 20x subscriber growth.

Starts from

Short Video

  • 1-Minute Video
  • Suitable for Reels/TikTok
  • Not Including The Influencer’s Fee

  • Including Script and Production
  • Max 1 Hour
  • Not Including The Influencer’s Fee

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