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GoTo Content Marketing

GoTo has many products and subsidiaries that need their own content to attract and educate their users. Demand Gen Lab has been working together with them for more than five years as their demand marketing agency, creating more than a thousand contents for them.

Key Details

1000+ Content Created

Article Writing Service

Project Details

So far, we’ve been working together with Tokopedia for their merchant promotion, Midtrans for their educational blogs, Selly, Gobiz, and some other business units under the GoTo Group. They already have a solid digital team, so Demand Gen Lab support them with what we do best: creating content based on their demand strategy.

  • 20 Articles
  • 3 Months Expiry Date Duration
  • No Customer Success Support
  • Billed Upfront

  • 100 Articles
  • 6 Months Expiry Date Duration
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Customer Success Support
  • Billed 50-50

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